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Sampling at Boddington Gold Mine

As part of the project, we recently completed our first round of sampling at Newmont’s Boddington Gold Mine tailings storage facility. The sampling comprised collection of the following types of samples:

  • Block samples, to enable laboratory element tests on intact material

  • Bulk samples in two “Bulker Bags”, to provide the large quantity of material required for CPT calibration chamber testing

  • Sample bags of bulk samples, for remoulded laboratory element testing and beam centrifuge testing

Images of the sampling process are provided below. These samples will enable calibration chamber testing at UWA and UNSW, beam centrifuge testing at UWA, and laboratory element testing at UWA, UNSW, and UniSA.

Thanks very much to Newmont’s site and corporate personnel for their support in the sampling efforts.

Image 1: Trimming and preparing a block sample

Image 2: Andy and Dave, celebrating completion

Image 3: Mixing bulk tailings prior to splitting sample up

Image 4: Filling of bags for shipment to UWA and UNSW

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