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Centrifuge testing of iron ore tailings

We recently completed a set of mini penetrometer testing on reconstituted iron ore tailings obtained from BHP’s Mount Whaleback mine. The centrifuge testing included CPTu, T-bar, and ball penetrometers. The focus was on rate effects and brittleness, to enable linking the centrifuge results back to in situ penetrometer and laboratory element testing. This work forms the basis for a publication currently under preparation.

These tailings may have been the “reddest” material yet tested in the NGCF large centrifuge, and as with most iron ore tailings work, it is likely a slight tinge of red will remain on a few of the centrifuge


Figure 1: Adding slurry to the centrifuge strongbox

Figure 2: T-bar prepared for testing

Figure 3: The sample after the completion of a series of penetrometer tests

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