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Andoom tailings sampling

We recently carried out our third set of tailings sampling, this time at Rio Tinto’s Andoom TSF. The samples were taken from surface and a shallow excavation. Samples were obtained from both within and outside the mud farmed area, to enable comparison of the effects of fabric on drying-induced overconsolidation. Two large bulker bags were collected to enable calibration chamber testing at UNSW and UWA.

Thanks to Rio Tinto for their support, and to Wade Ludlow for his assistance in sampling works.

Image 1: Filling bulker bag with dried tailings

Image 2: Trimming a block of mud farmed tailings

Image 3: Surveying the locations of block samples tailing within a shallow excavation in mud farmed tailings

Image 4: Example of condition of dried tailings outside mud farmed area

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